What we do?

We do unforgettable online learning experiences.

A proudly South African born company, operating globally, we design and deliver world-class online learning experiences tailored to your specific requirements. Our ‘off-the-shelf’ programmes range from Assertiveness, Emotional Intelligence and Change Management, to Strategic Management, Building High Performing Teams and Customer Centricity.

Our highly skilled in-house design team also enjoy the challenge of helping you to take any topic or content you may have and make it come alive.

With the combined experience of over 30 years in learning design and development, we are able to transform your online experiences and make them unforgettable in ways that you haven’t yet experienced.

We live to make a difference through learning and we do this by putting you at the heart of everything we do.

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We make learning come alive online


Easy-to-follow 90-minute modules

All course content has been overhauled for online learning, leading to better retention of the material and increased attention span.


Flexible learning – anytime, anywhere

Learn at your own pace, in your own space. No need to tackle the whole programme! Simply choose your module, grab a cup of coffee, and start updating your skills!  


Flipped learning style

Enhance your in-session experience – say goodbye to passive learning and embrace active understanding. You will be required to prep before and after each session; it won’t take long and is usually super fun and interesting. This leads to immediate application of what you have learnt. 1, 2, 3, and you’re an expert!


Social learning

Connect with qualified experts and fellow trainees to build long-lasting connections. The sharing of learner experiences before and after each session increases retention and application, while encouraging cross-level learning. interaction.


Easy-access platform

All sessions are hosted on a self-contained learning platform which can house recordings, assessment activities, and all communications and modules related to your learning experience. No need to download and install any unknown or dodgy programs!



We will coach you towards the outcomes and assist with implementing the learning. Content is also completely customised to your environment, making it relevant and contextualised for application.

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